Saturday, April 23, 2011

We Strike for a Srtike

If you have any demand gather everyone you know and go on a strike. Thats the latest trend of Pakistani society. Whether it be doctors, transporters, oil pump and CNG pump owners. We are a nation who love to shut the work, protesting against government policies. 
While our beloved government continues to act as deaf as long as people gather outside parliament house so the the authorities can Actually see them and appreciate their presence. 

People wait outside government hospitals wishing they hadn't came such a long way just to know that the doctors are on strike telling their pain:
" Look pain! Doctors are on strike, come back later when its over"

The Awaam stands at bus stands waiting for the buses to come, only to know that transport is on "strike". The laborers working on the per day wages tell their kids:
"Children! you shouldn't eat for a day or two as its a strike you see"

Our bureaucracy continues to dream in the sleep of ignorance while our distinguished officials lower the automatic windows of their shiny, bulletproof cars and say "Oh it's a strike, take a u turn driver, lets go back to our air conditioned sanctuaries" and we all keep striking hard and hard for a strike.. 
© Rabea Kamran


Adnan said...

Well written. But is'nt this the problem? What about the solution?

quartertoinsane said...

the hard harsh truth

Biya said...

The solution lies with responsible higher authorities and government officials, plus a heed to the voice of people before they take to streets,
and yes the waking up of our neglectful bureaucracy, to aid the people so that they can be heard.

Biya said...

@quarter to insane..
ya sadly it is..

Cardinal Ruby said...


Adnan said...

you have put the solution nicely. But I think t needs an addition we the the people of Pakistan have a small but important role to play.
A simple example would be that we blame the bureaucrats for corruption, but how many of us see the corruption we do on a smaller scale. We need to eradicate that at least. Saying that things will change for the better InshAllah.
We have to look for the silver lining even if we do not see it now.
Keep writing such articles.

Biya said...

@ Cardinal Ruby
Thank you

Biya said...

@ Adnan..
Thank you for the appreciation, i cant help agree with you more, revolution always starts with in minds and souls before they surface on national and then international level.

Anonymous said...

u r a would be doctor.would u hav protested in the same way.instead of looking to bring some change.i am talking abt the doctor's strike.

Biya said...

well i woudnt have done that, but they had reasons to do it and they were right on their part.
but as i already wrote shutting the opds wasnt good, but thats only when the government noticed their plight.