Monday, April 4, 2011

Souls for Auction! Contact us!

We live in a world where everything can be sold or bought. Whether it be smiles or frowns, we sell everything.

We sell our dignity and pride. We even sell our nation's integrity. We have auction sales everywhere, whether it be cricket world cup with the sold victory or Raymond Davis's black water team who bought the lives of the Dead.

Poor parents were already selling their children for money to eat. But for the first time we have brought a revolution, a better option for your shopping. At first we were only contended with selling the lives of our country men living at the borders of Khyber Pakhtoon Kwah to drone attacks. But now we sell souls.

So we have a new offer, we will revolutionize your shopping like never before. We now sell faith and souls too. Hurry! Its a limited offer for a long time!

© Rabea Kamran


quartertoinsane said...

dats jst too freakin dark...

Biya said...

but the sad part is, that it's true!

Adnan said...

This is true to some extent.
I appreciate it. Keep up the good work
But I oppose that you are quoting Misbah-ul-Haq without any evidence.
My point is simple we can not blame some one just like that. We should rather give credit Misbah for putting up a fight.
I am willing to support Misbah-ul-haq in cricketing sense also. Block and hit is his style of play

Biya said...

first of all welcome to my blog adnan and Thank you for your lovely comments..
well he did hit 2 sixes in the end rite? plus about 3 boundaries i guess. He was the only one standing, saw other team member grappling for runs but he was contended on wasting balls,
plus if u have noticed a man comes to give umer akmal the gloves and says something after 2 balls he is out!

well the context in which i wrote was "whether it be Misbah-ul-haq standing with the sold victory at the pitch" Where does it imply that i blamed only him? i said he was the one standing at the crease and he could have made the difference.I just said that the victory was sold and everyone agrees with that..

I hope that clears things up, if not you are most welcome to comment and clear things up for me :)

Adnan said...

I like most of your articles. I was following your blog on fb before. Thankyou for your detailed reply. I appreciate that.
This is just like creating a conspiracy theory. The truth is we lost to a better team and all these are mere stories. My point is simple we can not just blame like that. I will not even accept that the victory was sold. No one is guilty unless proven guilty.
I have particularly liked your articles on the awakening of the nation. And hence I just felt that you will not write something which is doubtful.
Specially when you are blaming something on someone. It has to be with clear evidence. Spare a thought for the team, did'nt they need this win? Why will they like to play out of their skins to reach semi final and then throw it away. This is something beyond logic.
I apologize if I offended you. It is just that I am sensitive about this team and I feel we get too emotional sometimes. We should rather look at making the team better by improving the system. And for that matter it is not just cricket we need to compete in other fields too.

Biya said...

Adnan on this point i have talked to a lot of people and i wrote what everyone thinks...
Ya i guess we all are sensitive when it comes to it..
You dont need to apologize, am not offended at all, everyone is free to express what they think, feel free to comment on anything in anyway and i would love to read it out.

Adnan said...

I appreciate that. I guess then you have your own opinion I have my own. I respect that. I will still not put a blame something as grave as fixing on them. Anyways I respect your opinion. I just wanted to express my feelings about this issue.

All the best. Hope you come with a writing appreciating Afridi and company for atleast uniting Pakistan during the WC.

Adnan said...

And apologies again! I should not have criticized your writing.
I hope you understand that it was not against your concept but just against accusing Team Pakistan of wrong doing in a semifinal.When I find anything against Team Pakistan, I find it hard to control my opinion. I have put my opinion across in other forums on this topic where people came up with similar stories. It happened even during the match.

Biya said...

Its ok adnan, seriously there is absolutely no need to apologize, i know how you feel for Pakistan. I remember you encouraged me to write up on unity of Pakistan.
I just wrote what i thought i should, am sorry if it hurt your feelings, i never meant to do that through my writings..

Adnan said...

You do need to apologize. Good to know that:)
Happy Writing. Keep coming up with thought provoking stuff.

Biya said...

LOL really? i really DO need to apologize?? :P just kidding i get the meaning of the context and what you actually wanted to write.. :P

Thanks a lot for the encouragement :)

humara inquilab said...

"All is lost only when soul is lost". Quaid-e-Azam
Soul is still there.

Adnan said...

LOL. Apologies. Correction: You do not need to apologize.

Biya said...

@ humaira..
I quite agree with you on that one..

@ Adnan..
Lol ya :)