Friday, June 17, 2011

The Evolution Of Significance

Sometimes we idealize people, think highly of them, make them giants in our mind, look up to them for comfort and feel honored to have them with you. Hold them high in esteem, for you the whole world can be wrong but not them, they are angels to you, your most precious possessions of life. Life seems comfy and secure.

Then by the passage of time the giants start decreasing in size, you realize that they are human just like you made of flesh and bones. They have the same faults and shortcomings. Thats when the beauty of the colors become more prominent and a thorough understanding is reached. You become friends and the gaps start decreasing. You share everything significant and insignificant. 

Then gradually those humans start getting tired of you and fall to the level of animal. They hurt you, break you into pieces like scavengers. Your dignity and self respect keep getting bruised. Still you hold on because you cannot live without them. But when they need you, they become kittens, curling in your lap asking for attention. 

You cry, you break but then you get over it and now the same giants are merely scurrying insects to you,, you stomp over them Crunch, crunch, crunch and go on to make new giants with the same faith..

Rabea Kamran


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

It's not people whom we see initially, not the complete picture of them. We only see what is good and then make them giants. Not all fall, but most do.

Nice post.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Biya said...

Ya mostly its us, who make giants out of simple people..
No doubt some maintain their standards but some simply don't.. Thank you for the appreciation :)

LOST SOUL said...

Well said

Adnan said...

Interesting and true to some extent.
But my take on this is that we should'nt judge others no matter what, because when you judge another you define yourself not them.
So even if someone does'nt come up to your expectations, let them live.
Those people are still good, their could be a problem within us which made them behave this way.
Another take is that we are in a partnership in this world not in a competition so why judge other that who is good or bad.
Correct me if I did not understand it correctly.
Thank you this article made me think differently.

Biya said...

well u are right to some extent, adnan u know what what people are to you its not necessary that they will be the same with others too, like we are different with different people, we act differently in different circumstances, an idol for one can be a n insect for another..
its not actually the person itself but in what way that person projects his or herself to the other person..
I agree judging people is bad, but i just wrote what i felt like and we are allowed to speak what we think, it was a n abstract i let my readers to take out conclusions

quartertoinsane said...

its kinda like the truth... bt u knw it dosent end this way all the time

Adnan said...

Yes you are absolutely entitled to write any thing! And I did not say any thing against the article. Actually whom am I to do that!
I just conveyed my point of view on the topic. It was not against your writing!:)
It was an interesting read. Keep up the good work!

Adnan said...

I am sorry just in case you thought otherwise :)

Biya said...

@ quarter to insane..
yes you are rite honey.. it doesnt happens all the time..

Biya said...

@ adnan..
nai nai its not that.. i was just discussing other possibilities, i never thought otherwise, i like the ways you discuss, giving a different thought to it..
Pls don't be sorry..

Anonymous said...

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Komal Ali said...

Been there, done that, and gotten over it.
Doing so isn't a mistake, dwelling over it is.

Biya said...

i totally agree with u komal