Friday, March 18, 2011

The Beating Hearts..

Standing in the Operation Theater, learning to operate, sometimes makes me believe that i am one of the few luckiest people in the world. I could have traded anything to be standing here..
When i see hearts beating on the surgery table, working hard to deliver blood to each and every cell of the body, working selflessly to keep the whole body alive, providing nourishment to them at their door step. It reminds me of how our lives are supposed to be. 

Curing the diseased hearts have always been fascinating, but the corroded emotions seem to be burnt forever by the acid of hate. 
The little ventricles rhythmically contract at the right time with just the right force, hiding the emotions somewhere in it's delicate framework. Isn't it fascinating how people make places in our heart but still don't show up even when the walls are cut open in a by-pass surgery? :)


quartertoinsane said...


Biya said...


xyzandme said...

Man you are filled with tons of metaphorical philosophy!!!

Biya said...

LOL then you should wait for my next post.. where i use geometry as metaphors..
Cant help it am a medical student, who loves physics and math

xyzandme said...

I would eagerly await for that post. :)

Tanvi said...

Bea i would like to ask you, its the brain that makes you feel, that makes you aware of emotions and etc.. the why we talk about hearts? You too are a med student naa, then still you believe in heart?
Its a nice post :) :)


Anonymous said...

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Biya said...

@ xyz..
I wont make you wait for long..

Biya said...

@ Tanvi..
Thank you honey..

Well thats the discussion that i usually have with my mum and dad, we read in our books that the CNS (the brain) is responsible for the perception of emotions, interpret them, compare them with the stored memory and then bring out the desired action..
But why we associate heart with emotions is because brain seldom has any effect of emotions (its the motor response to be precise) but heart seems to be affected, like increased heartbeat in anxiety and excitement, or as you say the phenomenon of "skipping a beat" :P

I know it sounds weird coming from a medical student, but thats how it goes :)

Biya said...

@ anonymous..
there is another saying.. "Best things in life are for free" like air, water.. and yes My Blog :)

CATGIRL !! said...

and in response to ur second last comment...yeah Brain n heart is teh cause n effect...Brain causes the emotions while the heart expresses it..just like brain orders the pituitary gland and then it releases adrenaline to affect our blood routine ( hope i m right>...hav studied BIO long ago...but found it veryy interesting)>>.

Biya said...

Thank you for your lovely comment cat girl..

Lol ya you are right there are more factors other than adrenaline which affect on heart in response to emotion, perceived by brain..

Yup biology, in short medical, is damn interesting, and i am soo in love with it..

xyzandme said...

Biologically speaking, Heart has nothing to do with emotions.
When heart beats faster, it is supplying more blood for the brain to process stuff. Stuff which needs uninterrupted attention and lots of resources.

Everything happens in the brain. If we have a soul, its in the brain.

Biya said...

well xyz we are talking about effectors ( effectors are the end organs which get the chemical messages from brain to react.. like for example your ear conducts message to brain, the brain interprets it and then processes it and then reacts through the tongue, which is an effector..

No doubt all the work and processing is done in the brain, but its the heart that is affected.. Thats why in case of a bad news people have heart attack rather that raised ICP (intra cranial pressure)

trust me dude! i have been through both the anatomy and physiology and surgeries of heart and brain..

xyzandme said...

Exactly, the control seat is still the brain. If the brain didn't process the bad news the way one wanted, there wouldn't be no heart attacks.

Like if you don't hear the bad news, you wont react to it.

Its the brain that got affected, the heart is just a pawn.

Also we still don't know much about the brain, as well as the heart till now, so most of the science about it is still experimental.

The causes of a heart attacks are myriad in nature.
One cannot say that heart "feels" the bad news and hence results in cardiac arrest.
That is just a food for spiritual minds. But I guess as you would know, its better to keep spiritualism out of science.

Biya said...

yup both are different entities.. and i am a believer of both