Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Two more Full stops!!

I have already put a full stop to my writing, i never thought i would even open up this page again, but He took my pen and scribbled two more fullstops at the end of my single full stop. He gave it a continuity, a continuity to my thoughts, which were stagnant in my brain, which screamed to be settled on paper.

He promised he would never let my imagination rust again and would be a wall against the black shadows that ruined it and so here i am..

P.S It's been an awesome day for me. I won 2nd prize for my work in All Pakistan Environmental Exhibition 2011. This is the photo that helped me win it..


S.A.C~ said...

congrats and welcome back!
ps- give me your email address, i need to add you to my blogger's list.

Biya said...

Thank you for such a warm welcome..
I have missed blogosphere a lot..