Thursday, January 24, 2013

Freedom Atlast

Finally my final professional exams of medical ended, its been a beautiful, very tiring and a very elegant half a decade at my medical school. so am free, free, ffffrrrrrreeeeeeeee..

We are strange people, we long to be free and independent, live our life by our own will. We don't like being chained up, we want to be free like birds. But infact the reality is really different. We love slavery, we all do, we are slaves to our desires, wealth, hopes, success, to meet deadlines and to love ofcourse.
Its funny how we run from one cage to the next, we all want to touch that warm rays of sun of morning but by the end of the day we want the coziness of our cage back.

Freedom is limited, we are always bound by invisible chains, to our work, commitment, our loved ones, our relegion, culture. We say we want freedom, we say we are free people, we have freedom of speech, freedom to live, to do anything we like, but in reality we always are bound and always will be, in one way or another.

Rabea Kamran


Jack said...


Congratulations on becoming a doctor. And what you say in this post about freedom is so true.

Take care

Biya said...

thank you so much.

You too take care..