Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dear Immortal

Dear Sis,
Been a year since you left us, but your scent still remains, even the harsh winds of time can never erase the traces etched by you on our hearts. 
I know that you are happy up there and we all try our best to do so too and as expected, i have completely failed to tread on your footsteps for the family. My sincere apologies for that.
You are still here honey and always will be, in my text books as your hand written comments, in those little pranks you played, in the love you gave to the little ones, even in the little mixture of tears and smiles of mum and dad when we talk about you remembering your humor. 

Our room is as it was, though i have a new craze to paint the walls, you know they looked so dull. I just added color to them and dad keeps saying i destroyed them with twisted smile and then tells everyone "did you saw how my girl painted the walls? the sketches?"  and yes, brother still remains to be as irritating as ever. 

I have overcome my problem of having nightmares finally as i don't sleep a lot now and am so tired that i don't even bother remembering them. But my memory is as fresh of that day and the days which followed them as if it was yesterday. I can still feel my hands caressing your cheeks when the doctor told me that you were no more with us and yes, i still cry like the way i did at that time. 

Life hasn't been easy for me from that day, but yes i have matured, well that's what i think, mum and dad oppose this idea of mine with a fervent enthusiasm. All i can say that i have learned to rise above all the obstacles, to tackle torture and drama, most of all i have learned the sense of judging people which came soon after you left me. 

I know you are there watching us from the heavens with that awesome smile of yours. I would keep praying for you with every prayer that i offer, especially on the night of Mairaj when u left us all. May Allah forgive you and bless you with all his humbleness, May your soul rest in peace and may He give you the high ranks of paradise. Ameen. 


Raajii said...

I am mourning a loss of a dear friend today. It has been a year since she left us today. I miss her everyday.

May their souls rest in peace.

LOST SOUL said...

Allah ap ko Sabar dey

Biya said...

@ Raaji..
Ameen.. and am so sorry to hear about your loss.

Biya said...

@ Lost soul..
Ameen, do pray..

Jyoti Mishra said...

Loosing someone u love is very painful !!