Friday, July 8, 2011

A Long Lost Letter

I know i should have done this earlier, but as they say it's never too late.

Honey i know how you feel, i know how life should be for you, but please trust me i always wished good for you and you know it. I have been so busy with my life, i know you needed me baby. I was your best friend, you knew you could count on me.

I understand that your parents forced you into marriage and you are upset about it but please talk to me honey, cry on my shoulder girl. At least its better than crying for that stupid jerk who never cared for you.
He's gone baby, he was never worth the love you gave him. He was a stupid that he never realized your worth. Honey ask me how precious you are, please don't let the memories of that insignificant, pathetic ex of yours to ruin your married life.

I really wish that your married life turns out to be as blissful as ever could be, honey give him a chance to understand you and i am sure he would do everything to keep you happy and satisfied. Be contended and see how his heart swells with pride to have you next to him. Be the style diva we all know you to be, i need that gorgeous smile of yours back on your face girl and am sure you will get the love you truly deserve. 
Talk to me honey, please don't shut yourself out like that, please take my calls, at least reply to my messages. I miss my friend, please be yourself again.


Nostalgic said...

I have no idea what to say.
Just that, few things in life should be done before its too late.

Biya said...

yes you are rite honey, few things need to be done as soon as possible

xyzandme said...

Tomorrow never comes until its too late...

Make tomorrow come, I think its too late..

Cynthia said...

Yes, life can end suddenly don't
wait to do what is in your heart.

This prose is written well and

Biya said...

@ xyz
well in friendship and relatrionships, there isnt any thing as too late, its never late to apologize, to be there for the one who needs who, if the bond is strong then it doesnt depend on time.
only until death..

Biya said...

@ cynthia
Than honey and welcome to my blog :)

Girl Who Believed In Angels said...

Maybe things are just meant to be the way it is... Follow ur heart and let things just happen

Biya said...

yes, you are right..