Monday, September 19, 2011

A Letter To The Rain

This one is related to the recent floods in Pakistan due to excessive Monsoon rains.

It would be worth an effort if it touches even a single heart of the affected people and strengthen their spirits.

Dear Rain,

You might be mighty then us. You took away our homes, our lands, our crops and everything we owned. 
You ruined everything that we made working hard all these years. There is water everywhere, still we don't have clean water to drink. Contagious diseases are rampant due to floods. We lost our loved ones in the floods and didn't had the dead bodies to give them a decent burial. 
We are left with nothing to wear, nothing to sleep on and nothing to eat. 

But you know what, you can never take one thing from us, our hope and strength are still high. If we made our homes before, we will make them again. It's true that our eyes are filled with tears but we haven't forgotten how to smile. 
We might be poorly fed, homeless and weather stuck but we know how to thank Allah in all the conditions. We have faith that one day it will all be fine. 
We are the nation that knows very well how to rise from our own ashes, our history witnesses it and believe us, time and world will witness our rise again Insha Allah.



xyzandme said...

I hummed to the tune of "we shall overcome" while reading this post

Biya said...

yup, one day we will overcome :)