Thursday, October 6, 2011

Memory Lane

She opened her drawer an took out the printed papers. It's been a year since she last saw them. She read them again and again and again..
When she had memorized every word and the tears on her cheek dried up, she took the papers and lighted them up. The smoke emnated furiously as the orange and red flames consumed the paper. In the burning fire she could  see that face..

"Seriously i don't know who is doing this to you" "I swear it isn't me" He said trying his best to sound honest while his heart was swelling with the satisfaction of victory.
"whoever it is knows you very well, why would i do it?? I am so drowned in my own sorrows" He said sitting across her gazing intently into her troubled eyes..

She shunned the thoughts of that animal with those abuses still ringing in her ear.
The fire burned with a brighter flame, the wind was strong, bits of burned paper danced in the air. The smoke started suffocating her but she stood there gazing intently into the flames consuming those papers when another face appeared in the fire..

"Get out of my house right now" He roared, she sobbed badly "Don't do this drama here, fool someone else with your innocent face" He shouted as he tried to push her out of the apartment...

The fire has almost consumed the paper, the grey ashes remained as she remembered all those hugs, kisses and those tender moments. She remembered the final goodbye with him, which has eased all the pain. They have parted on a good note. She knew that he would never hurt her no matter whatever happened.

She collected the ashes and blew them away in the wind wishing him happiness, a beautiful life and lots of love and a silent wish that she never see him again. The wind calmly blew away the ashes and she turned back satisfied and happy, free from all the chains of memories. Her phone rang and shooked her from the trance, the voice from the other end said
 " Honey you took so much time to attend the call, i miss you so much baby.. "


quartertoinsane said...


Biya said...

thats how life is..

Raajii said...

I am little confused as to who called in the end :-S

Biya said...

well it was written to show, that life never is still, its not necessary that if you have bad experiences they will always repeat themselves, there is always hope at the end and someone who deserves you better

AL said...

Wow. Just wow.

Biya said...

Thanx for the appreciation.. It means a lot to me