Monday, January 28, 2013

If Life was a Chewing Gum

If life was a chewing gum, it would have been so easy to live it.It would be sweet, filled with sugar. There would have been no sorrow, just sweet talks, pleasant feelings, no sorrow no sadness. It would have been so much fun. It would be soft and chewy, you can easily chew your way through it.There would have been no difficulties, no tears, just smiles.
You could stretch it as much as u like, you know it kind of looks gross, but its true we all tried to stretch it as children. So would be life extending on and on, as much we want just a little pull, there wont be any deaths just st stretch life and live as much as you want.

We can pop up bubbles as much as we want. Bubbles of excitement and joy. it would be so much easier without any heart break. Whenever it broke in between we could patch it with a piece of chewing gum again and there it would be unbroken again, as new as ever.

Rabea Kamran


Raajii said...

But then what happens to the chewing gum? We throw it out as soon as we are done with it. Kind of like how most people treat other people in real life. So in a way, its just like the life we live now. Sigh.

Biya said...

yup, when a person is done with life, and if its a chewing gum one can throw it out. No suicides.

as for people who do that to other people, very soon they are treated as chewing gums too. You know what goes around comes around, and for those who are ditched like that they should be happy that they got rid of such a person. They deserve better.

quartertoinsane said...

As sweet as this sounds, even chewing gum loses its sweetness if you chew it long enough and if you stretch is too thin, it breaks. I guess what I am trying to say is, do what you will, Life remains the same. So make the best of what you got and thank God for what you have.

Biya said...

Thats true no doubt, well i truely beleive live your life to the fullest, but it was just a thought, as for the breaking thing read it again.

Jack said...


What is life without ups and downs? All sugar also makes one long for spice, isn't it?

Take care

Biya said...

Thats so true sadness makes us value happiness