Friday, February 1, 2013


We all have thousands of wishes. They pop in our hearts like popcorns being made. We wish on almost everything, a shooting star, eyelashes when its raining etc. But what do we do to make them come true, we are bound by inhibitions, those which aren't obvious but they stop us from attaining our goals.

Life is short, there is so much limited time. When we will get old we will look back to our unfulfilled wishes and sigh. Though none of us knows even if we would make it to tender old age or not. We dont know anything what gonna happen tomorrow, but yes we know what we want from life.

So do it! Take that plunge you always wanted to. Say it to the loved one how much you care for them. Visit your dream place that you have dreamt of going but didn't had time off from work. Go buy that dress you always wanted to wear. So that when you get old you don't need to sigh, you just have a satisfied smile on your face that you followed your heart. Results do not matter, what matters is that you finally did it.

Rabea Kamran

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