Friday, December 23, 2011

The Play

This is an edited version of a post i wrote before..
As the night wore its cloak, the demons inside her came alive. Tonight she was ready to devour his love. He looked into her eyes with that dreamy look he knew what was about to come, he knew her so well. He wanted her equally as badly as she wanted him.
The snake of intimacy filled it's fangs with passion and injected it into his veins. He burned inside with the heat of passion that made him badly thirsty for her. He took her hand and kissed the wedding band in her ring finger, the silvery platinum shined in the moonlight.

She kissed him passionately unleashing her trapped demons that came alive at once. She explored every bit of his taste buds. He replied back with the increasing intensity, the thirst in his throat became more ardent as he felt heat emnating through him which wrapped them together .

He slithered rows of kisses down her body freeing it from its clothes, like petals falling off the rose. Her skin shined in the moonlight reflecting her desires. She gave her fate in his hands, all she wanted was to drown in his love. Their existence wrapped as one she engraved his soul with her name. Tonight, they had each other forever. She kissed down his spine, playing with his fantasies.

Gently and slowly he penetrated her, making her his. She moaned with the sweet pain that witnessed her loyalty to him. He could feel the sparks that emnated from the contact. Their hearts beating in unision with the fire of lust roaring in their existence, the yearning to belong to each other was finally fed.

He carved himself into her soul as he penetrated deeper into her. Her nails etched into his skin as the melody of their moans echoed into the silent, waiting night. The play continued as the fire of lust roared burning and consuming their existence.
His heart leaped like a hungry predator and finally he ejected in her all that belonged to her. They lay together ravishing the moment, their demons satisfied.


quartertoinsane said...

i am curious, wat did the demons do?

Biya said...

demons are associated with lust

quartertoinsane said...

.... dats unjust...