Friday, December 23, 2011

The Story Of Life and Giving Birth

Life is a risky thing, especially when its not your own that is in your hands. When you know that after God its you who stands between the death and life of your patient. You fight death, utilize all your capabilities, you strive hard to win the furious battle. You hold on to life with the edges of your fingers, even when you know it not yours.

I got a chance to assist my senior doctor in a C-Section commonly known as cesarean. Its fascinating when you bring a new baby to the world from it's mother's womb. That little thing twists and cries in your arms. The adrenaline rush that you feel when you secure the bleeding and the satisfaction that you get when you see the mother nursing her new born child that you just delivered.

I have learned that life is really really short, its delicate, it's fragile and it's priceless. Yes, it is hard, sometimes cruel, it has sorrows, pains and cries but i have seen it end in smiles and peace. Believe me those pains never last long they always end when the hope emerges and fills you completely with peace and inner satisfaction. Yes, you do have scars which remain forever, but they are your medals of passing through the tough times. Don't be upset when you look back at past, Stop the past from haunting you, make it your strength and tell yourself "I got through this, i am strong  and i deserve to be happy" 

Being a final year medical student now, am bombarded with seminars, assignments and ward duties and i have learned a lot during these days and i feel more then proud on being a doctor then i ever did.


quartertoinsane said...

this post feel matured, like it has an undertone of a deeper thought...

Biya said...

Thank you..

Sadaf Hafeez said...

Its so interesting to read you're enjoying the final year experience.I'll be hopping up to 4th i.A.

I'd love to read more about your med-experiences.Please write more often.


Biya said...

sure i will honey, i have loads to share.... best of luck with your fourth year